Upholder of the Law

Judge Magister Drace. I serve lord Larsa first and foremost, and Archadia second, though my loyalty to her never falters. Fear me not; I seek to deliver justice and only that.

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""Drace." Gabranth placed his right hand on the side of her arm in a gesture somewhat comparable to an embrace. With his free hand, he removed his helmet and held it against his hip. He smiled at her, and it was the sort of smile that few had ever seen from him before. "Welcome back."" [signed], warrior-of-antiquity.

[she can’t help but wonder where he gets his information from. it shouldn’t be so surprising, given his occupation, but it is, time and time again. he knows where she’ll be walking and at what time no matter if it’s part of routine or if she’s been out of the country for weeks at a time. the most impressive, she reflects, was the time a message was delivered to her upon disembarking from her ship. that was five years ago, and nothing has yet topped it. there is still time to anticipate more, she guesses.

it’s been a long time since she last set foot in the palace. she’d like to think she’s lost count of the days, but she hasn’t, not really: it’s been close to two years since she’s smelled the stink of archades, seen its bustle for herself. it’s good to be back. everything is cool and inoffensive, so different to the hubbub that is dalmasca. she’s been posted there as- sort of a peace offering, she supposes, though she was never given a firm reason- an honour guard to queen ashelia, or as otherwise ordered. mostly she’s been ordered to do otherwise: training soldiers, patrolling both high- and lowtown in armour or disguise, doing as much paperwork as she was able to understand. nothing about her world has changed but the location and the company, and now she has been sent back.
she’s browned, in her time away. the sun couldn’t let her escape unscathed, and it’s to the surprise of everyone that she hasn’t just peeled for two years running. she’s nowhere as dark as a dalmascan native, of course, but it’s a noticable difference. her hair’s still cropped short, and the lines about her eyes are starting to deepen in a weatherbeaten kind of way, but other than that - and the manner of her dress - she’s the same as she ever was.

so unfettered by archadia’s ever-watchful eyes is she now that she completely forgets to look around before smiling back.]

And here I was hoping I could at least change before you caught me. Sharp as ever, I see.

[there’s something a little off about her accent, the product of long hours in a foreign environment. she clasps his wrist tightly with her own hand- but only briefly. the touch is dropped, and she straightens her back.]

Or is this a business visit? Come to burden me with some news of how I’ve the charge of training some new garrison, I suppose. Shame on you, Gabranth.

[but she’s smiling, still.]

At least escort me back to my chambers before I’m given more work. Dare I say, ‘tis colder than I remember, and I’m in no hurry to don the mask once more. They haven’t changed my rooms, have they?

[she raps gabranth’s breastplate neatly, once, wincing as she does so - it’s been a long time since she’s worn her own armour now; she was told it would be better left on its stand, for even simple cloth-and-leather would have her overheating, and they were right. it’s all she’s wearing now- all she’s been used to for a long time - and then sets off down the long hallway, following a memory.]

""My Lady Drace - a pleasure of the highest order, indeed."" [signed], thewarprivateer.

[she’s taken to deviating a little from her regular route. she excuses it as a virtue, or the next closest thing to it; strict adherence to the rules invites many a watchful eye to plot their next moves. the empire is stable now, vayne gone and wrongs righted, but that does not mean archadia is without her enemies. she’s heard of small gangs of urchins banding together and inciting trouble wherever they can get away with it, and of the more worrisome factions of citizens who use vayne as an example of autocracy gone wrong. privately, she agrees with them, but she’s long since signed her life away to the solidor bloodline. larsa is free of his brother’s crimes, and no greater crime could exist than allowing them to tear him apart with their hands or their words.

so she patrols, as usual, and if the winter months take her away from the windiest of streets, she says nothing to her superiors. her armour is not warm, and any respite is a glad thing.
it has yet to snow, at least, she thinks, and grimaces under her helm. surely she has cursed the world with white inevitability with a single thought. she prays it is not so, and moves on to the next warmest place she knows.

it’s a café, its best feature the great fire-stands that act as lamps once night falls and heaters during the day. it’s usually a conveniently busy place; she can stand and watch the populace go about its business and pretend that she’s looking hard for any kind of rebellion. now, not so much. the wind is fiercer than it has been in a while, and there are only a scant few around. a woman across the street enters a shop, a couple hurries down the street with scarves wrapped around their faces, and a man lounges close to one of the heaters of the café. she does not think he is taking notice of her - it is hard to be sure when so much of her view is constricted - and it is taking a horrendously long time to warm up. she resists the urge to stamp her feet, and thinks of taking off her helm, just for a moment, just to get her blood burning again. she shouldn’t. she’s on duty, and if anything happens then it could be her sight or any number of other things that suffers for it, but… the thought is so tempting, and the man so innocuous, that she turns from him- just a little- and gets the headpiece free.

then the man speaks, and something like regret coils in her gut.]

… I beg pardon, sir. An honour I’m sure it is, but you have caught me unawares - and on the job.

[she turns to look at the man now: no trying to hide her face when he’s already seen it, but he’s still sitting, and unarmoured. she can take him if she must, and make penance for her mistake later.]

And you are?


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His return was certainly not welcome by all who saw him. The senate did not like it, the citizens had grown used to Larsa’s rule, and Judges who also returned to their places certainly did not approve.  It was Drace in particular that made it clear she wanted nothing to do with the returning Emperor. 

She still angered Vayne as well, taking every opportunity to contradict him. She took advantage of the fact that Vayne had some sort of epiphany and was even more bold in her words than before. Outside of this, however, she served her place well, protected Larsa, saw to her duties as a Judge. There was no reason to have her struck down as before. Or rather, his reason to do so no longer outweighed his concern for Larsa’s happiness.


Morning found Vayne particularly unwell, yet he rose from his bed and dressed, taking his seat in his rooms rather than leave them.  He summoned Drace to his chambers, and when she received her summons, all color left her face. Swallowing thickly, she donned her armor to make her way to his quarters. She brought Gabranth with her, however, as he had free him of his collar and she was sure she would be safer in his presence.  No matter that it had been Gabranth himself that laid these plans with her, he could do no wrong to Vayne it seemed, and she would take advantage of that.

Soon enough, the pair stood before Vayne, their shock hidden behind the safe masks of their helmets.  He was pale, so much so that one could see the veins in his face and hands.  Sweat dampened his skin, dark circles of sickly yellow and blue were prominent under his eyes.  He looked a living death. Before he spoke, he lifted a bag from beside his chair, dumping some fifteen poisonous snakes at their feet, all now dead.

When he spoke, his voice was almost hollow, emotion, even anger, gone from it. There was a condescending tone, of course, for what man would not have such a tone after an attempt on his life.

“I am beginning to suspect, Judge Magister Drace, that someone here does not wish me to walk any longer among the living.”

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